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Acne Free Forte

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Specific gel for the treatment of acne and acne skin. Especially effective to treat the elimination and improvement of acne, as well as to avoid and reduce its formation.
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Aqua, propyleneglycol, zinc oxide, sulfur, ethoxydiglycol, ammonium, acryloildimethyltaurate/vp copolimer, lactatic acid, azelaic acid, salicilic acid, titanium dioxide, camphor, nicotinamide, tixolone, arctium majus extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, hammamelis virginiana wáter, humulus lupulus extract, parfum, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, prunus amara kernel oil, citral, limonene.

Sulfur: a keratolytic and antibacterial agent improves the quality of the skin.
Tea tree oil: reduces infection and prevents future outbreaks of acne.
Aloe vera: it calms the redness and controls the excess of fat in the skin.
Salicylic acid: salicylic acid helps correct the process of abnormal scaling that occurs on acne-prone skin. It works like an exfoliant, eliminates all the production of dead skin cells.
Camphor: helps to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria (a cause of acne) and acts as an anti-infective agent
Lactic acid: helps to open the pilosebaceous follicles with a soft keratolytic action, thus cleansing the superficial layers of the skin to prevent the formation of acne.
Burdock extract: polyacetylene is especially the main element of the Burdock root and what prevents the growth of the bacteria that cause acne and the fungi that cause the infection of the cracked skin. Burdock also increases circulation at the level of the skin helping to cleanse and detoxify the epidermal tissue. In addition, the anti-inflammatory effect of the root reduces redness caused by acne
Hops: helps to reduce sebaceous production.
Hamamelis: activates the circulation of the skin and has a healing and astringent effect. Its astringent effect is very useful after cleaning the skin to close pores and tone
-Exclusive treatment for acne
-Treatment of the acne for the whole body: face, back, buttocks, chest…
-All skin types
-All ages
-Acne cystic treatment, hormonal acne
-Excellent for youth and adults
-Prevents regrowth of grains
-Dry pimples
1. Apply at night with the fingertips directly only on the affected area of the face, neck or back.
2. The next day wash the skin with water and remove any possible dust.
3. After use wash hands with plenty of water.
4. Avoid contact with the eyes.
5. Keep out of reach of children.

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