Acne cream Treatment


Acne not only affects our face, but also our self-esteem.

RENEWED SKIN helps to clean and dry the pimples on the skin. Being happy is the key to looking and feeling good

    • Removes pimples
    • Controls excess sebum
    • Cleans and dries the pimples
    • Removes impurities from the face
    • Reduces pimples on face and body
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Until the second century AD the word acne meant “magnitude of a condition” or a “fever crisis”. In that century the concept was applied at the time of “culminating growth” that is to say at puberty.


The smooth texture of “Renewed Skin” cleans and dries acne pimples, leaving your face free of impurities


In the first application reduces the production of sebum on your face. Improve your appearance and dare to show a healthy and radiant skin.
Suitable for young people and adults.


  • Sulfur, called in ancient times as “Saffron flower” is a component that has antibacterial properties, which avoids acne break outs.
  • Zinc oxide, is a compound that has been used since antiquity to reduce inflammation in the skin.
  • Azelaic acid, dries acne pimples.


☘ Do not apply the cream over the entire face, only in the acne area. (See example photo).


☘ Use it only when you have acne, otherwise it could dry out your skin
☘ Indicated for night use only, until you notice improvements on your skin.
☘ This product normally dries acne for 1 to 5 days.
☘ This product is not a moisturizer.
☘ If you use the product for more than a week, you must supplement it with the Hydra Skin Oily Skin moisturizer from Le Pommiere.
☘ Suitable for young people and adults.
☘ Can be used in combination, oily and normal skins.
☘ This product does not prevent acne.


☘ Clean the affected area before application.
☘ Wash your hands before using the product.
☘ Apply the product only on the area affected by acne.
☘ After use, wash your hands.
☘ Avoid contact with the eyes.
☘ The next day, wash the skin with water and remove any dust.


1. How should i apply this product to obtain better results?
You should apply it directly on the pimple, not over the entire face because it could dry out your skin.


2. Can it be used on wet skin?
We recommend that you clean and dry your skin before applying it.


3. Is this product effective?
Yes, this product dries out the pimples in a short time. Read carefully the instructions and indications so that the product can do its job.


4. If my skin dries out, can i use a moisturizer on top?
No,you should apply the moisturizer some other time.


5. Does this product reduce enlarged pores?
Yes, the size of the pores are less visible, thus avoiding the formation of new acne pimples.


6. Does this product dry the skin?
Yes, we recommend to apply this product only in the acne area.


7. Can this product remove dark spots produced by acne?
It does not remove the dark spots, but it attenuates them.


8. How long does it take the product to take effect?
This products takes a day to take effect, which can last up to five days.


9. Does this cream also moisturize the skin?
No, this gel is not a moisturizer.


10. Is it used on the whole face or only on the pimple?
You must apply this product only on the pimple
11. Is this product suitable for all skin types?
No, it is recommended to use this product only for combination, oily and normal skin types.


12. Can i use this product for back acne?
Of course, this product is also very effective for this part of the body.


13. How long is convenient to use this product?
It depends on your type of acne. You can start using it 2 to 3 times per week, then you can decrease to once a week.


14. Is this product used at night or in the morning?
It is advisable to use it at night when you rest.


  • Hygiene in acne prevention
    • Wash your face two times a day.
    • Remove all makeup before going to sleep.
    • Do not touch your face without washing youur hands first.
    • Avoid sharing your personal accesories with other people.
    • Wash frequently your pillow cases.
  • Habits to prevent acne
    • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
    • Maintain a diet based in proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.
    • Reduce the excess of fats and sugars.
    • Reduce the consumption of dairy products.
    • Improves circulation and reduces stress.
    • Provides more oxygen.
    • Sweat opens the pores and eliminates toxins.
    • Avoid excess alcohol and tobacco.
  •  What you must NOT do when you have acne
    • Avoid pressing the pimples.
    • Do not apply makeup over acne.
    • Reduce the consumption of sweets and sugary drinks.
    • The excessive consumption of dairy products can produce more acne in your face.
  • Probable causes of acne on the forehead
    • It could be reflected by a poor diet. Reduce foods high in fat percentage; eat more fruits, vegetables and plenty of water.
  • Probable causes of acne on the chin
    • They are due to hormonal changes, but can be controlled by increasing fiber consumption such as: parsley,celery, broccoli, pomegranate, etc.
  • Probable causes of nose acne
    • They can appear due to excessive consumption of red meat. Consume foods that help you eliminate toxins such as: artichoke, celery, tomato and specially green tea.
  • What you must NOT do if you have acne
    • You should not use makeup, cause it clogs the pores.
    • Do not apply lemon on acne.
    • Do not consume sugar in excess, it raises the rate acne break outs.
    • Do not apply toothpaste over the acne area.

Common Mistakes

Our product is a Gel-Cream, developed for the reduction of acne and pimples from the first application, however this does not mean that it is going to prevent acne or that it works as an anti-spots.


Usually, we make the mistake of applying this product all over the face, causing dry skin. Its texture allows it to be applied only at night and on acne pimples.


Renewed Skin Gel takes care of cleaning imperfections naturally, leaving your face free of acne, controlling the excess of sebum accumulated in the skin and closing pores. It can be used in any part of your body affected by acne.

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