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Wrinkles are the reflection of all your worries and they show on your face.

With HYDRA PLUS PERFECTION your skin will recover its natural state. Beautiful at any age!


    • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
    • Reduces wrinkles
    • Combats aging
    • Clarifies the skin of the face
    • Regenerates and increases elasticity
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Skin care dates back to the year 3000 BC, where the Egyptians mixed natural elements to combat wrinkles.

In the twentieth century, compounds such as collagen were used to combat aging, having the ability to activate the gen of youth, reducing the age up to 10 years less.

Hydra Plus Perfection, nutritive anti-ageing cream, formulated wih COLLAGEN. Helps to control the appearance of premature wrinkles on the skin.

The combination of different ingredients makes the passage of time less visible in your face.

Suitable for men and women of 30 years of age and up, this cream also contains SPF 15 sunscreen.


  • This moisturizing cream contains the ideal amount of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, a perfect formula to attenuate wrinkles and moisturize your skin.
  • Vitamins A and E are natural antioxidants that attenuate age spots, lighten the skin and prevent wrinkles in your face.
  • Aloe Vera, a wild plant that slows down the premature appearance of wrinkles.
  • Shea Butter, dry fruit that nourishes aging, dry and dehydrated skins.
  • Collagen, a compound that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face.
  • Coenzyme Q10, molecule of natural origin, known as Ubiquinone, reduces expression lines and has a great antioxidant power.
  • Vitamin C, antioxidant that keeps the skin smooth and promotes the synthesis of collagen.


☘ Recommended for face, neck and cleavage.

☘ Recommended age of use: 30 years and up.

☘ Once opened, the cream has a 1 year guarantee without side effects.

☘ Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

☘ Keep out of reach of children.

☘ This product has an SPF 15.

☘ Can be used as a foundation, if desired.

☘ Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive sin type


☘ Clean and dry the face before use.

☘ Apply over the entire face in the morning and at night.

☘ Apply a small amount, about 2 or 3 drops in forehead, cheeks and chin.

☘ Spread the cream with circular movements and smoothing movements (from the inside to the outside of the face).


  1. Is this product used at night or in the morning?

You can apply it both day and night. It is recommended to use it before sleeping to achieve better results.

  1. Does this cream helps with dark circles?

No, for dark circles and bags under eyes we have EYE PERFECTION ULTRA from Le Pommiere.

  1. What is the smell of this cream?

A soft and pleasant fragrance.

  1. Will it be good for oily skin?

Yes, it’s ideal for combination, oily and normal skin types.

  1. Is it a serum or a cream?

It is a nourishing anti-aging cream.

  1. Does this cream remove age spots?

No, it has other benefits, which prevent aging.

  1. Can it be used by women and men?

This cream has the same result for him and her.

  1. What sun protection factor does it carry?

It has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15.

  1. What is the recommended age to start using this anti-aging cream?

As soon as you notice signs of wrinkles on your face, you can start using this cream.


How to prevent wrinkles naturally

    • Nourish your skin with natural products and oils.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Take care of your diet.
    • Protect yourself from the sun all year.
    • Sleep well.

What foods should i eat to keep myself younger

    • Healthy oils: olive, flax, wheat germ and sesame.
    • Fruits: oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes and tangerines.
    • Vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, radish, etc.
    • Whole grains: Corn flour, wheat flour, oats, brown rice, millet and legumes
    • Nuts and seeds: Almonds, plums, figs and raisins.
    • Low-fat proteins (lean meats, fish and eggs).

Tips to prevent premature wrinkles

    • Massage every night your face and neck.
    • Protect yourself from the sun, choose a sunscreen according to your skin type.
    • Hydrate yourself all day.
    • Reduce stress.
    • Take care of what’s inside of you, consuming healthy foods.

Recommendations to use your facial cream and get effective results

    • Remove the remains of makeup and impurities before applying the cream.
    • More quantity of the product doesn’t mean greater benefits, nor less wrinkles.
    • Spread the cream with circular movements and smoothing movements (from the inside to the outside of the face).
    • Choose the cosmetic product that works the best for you and apply it to your daily beauty routine.

At what age should i start to take care of my skin

    • In general, anti-aging treatments are recommended from the age of 25, since at that age it is when the first signs of aging on the skin begin to manifest. However, hydration and sun protection should be used at any age, even in childhood, since that is the way to prevent future damage to the skin.

Common Mistakes

Normally we don’t know about the benefits of the products we use. This cream can be used in the mornings and at night, it is also suitable for all skin types. Not only can women use it, but also men.

Hydra Plus Perfection, is a nourishing anti-aging cream formulated with COLLAGEN, helps us to control the appearance of premature wrinkles on the skin.

    • Combats the signs of aging in the skin with ingredients such as: Vitamin A, C, E Q10, etc.
    • Nourishes your skin leaving it moisturized at all times with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, almond oil, etc.
    • Helps to prevent premature aging caused by our lifestyle.

Gives a natural glow to your skin, you can use it in the mornings and at night.



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