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6 incredible home remedies for stress
Le Pommiere

Dated: 16/03/2021

6 increíbles remedios caseros para el estrés, 6 incredible home remedies for stress,
6 incredible home remedies for stress
Medicinal plants act both on the central nervous system – seat of mental functions – and on the vegetative or autonomous system – which regulates and coordinates the functions of the organs.
Unlike psychotropic drugs, they do not produce dependence and act by regulating the functions of the body rather than by canceling the symptoms. For this reason, they exert a true balancing action on complex nervous and mental functions.

Here are some of them:

California poppy:

It has a mild antispasmodic, sedative and analgesic effect. Helps with nighttime urinary incontinence, difficulty sleeping and nervous tension.
It can be taken as an extract or infusion of the flowers, which is made with a tablespoon of them per cup of water. Dosage: fifteen drops of extract or an infusion three times a day, before or after meals.
Rich in silicon, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and B, enzymes and lecithin. In addition to having a sedative effect, it balances and tones the nervous system. It can be taken in flakes or prepare one or two infusions a day with a tablespoon of oat bran.


It is one of the most effective plants to mitigate anxiety, irritability and difficulty in falling asleep and maintaining it. The usual dose to balance the nervous system is two grams per day divided into three cups of infusion per day. In case of insomnia, a single dose one hour before going to sleep is enough.


This Andean tuber contains, among other nutrients, essential amino acids, B vitamins and abundant minerals. Promotes mental activity, vitality, endurance and vigor. The root is taken in powder or capsules.



A great natural toner that revitalizes, rejuvenates and reduces inflammation. Two or three cups a day of infusion with a tablespoon of flowery leaves per cup of water are recommended.

The radiola:

It is an adaptogen that is believed to help alleviate a variety of conditions including depression, fatigue, and anxiety. The term “adaptogen” applies to products that enhance the body’s ability to combat stress, mental exhaustion, and overcome trauma.
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