Hormonal acne What is it and how to identify it?

El acné hormonal ¿qué es y cómo identificarlo?, Hormonal acne What is it and how to identify it?, Acnee hormonal Ce este și cum să-l identificați?

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23 Feb, 2021

Guide to recognize hormonal acne. The best thing is to inform us about the subject and finding the ideal treatment to control it.

Many people think that when they come of age, acne will be a thing of the past! However, the years go by and the acne is still there, clinging to your skin without mercy. It will never go away!

Well, hormonal acne is like that. The best thing is to start to inform us about the subject and finding the ideal treatment to control it.


We inform ourselves:

Acne is a skin disease that affects women and men, which usually begins in adolescence, due to hormonal changes, and continues into adulthood a lower percentage.

Even if it is true that recognizing hormonal acne is not easy, it is not difficult either. We just have to pay attention and observing.



Here we give you some guide to recognize them and see if these annoying acne breakouts are hormonal kind.

  • They always appear in the same zone: the chin, around the mouth and neck.
  • The pimples are deeper, inflamed, and sometimes painful to the touch.

The most common cause of the acne is hormonal clutter.

When androgens, male hormones, increase their level and produce more amount of sebum, fat, this obstructs the hair follicles and produces inflammations that can be mild, moderate or severe. The latter will depend on the treatment we choose or the preventions we can take.

In summary, acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous unit, where the sebaceous gland and the hair root are located. When a hereditary predisposition to hormonal alteration is added, we are faced with a case of hormonal acne.

We have many alternatives, from home remedies till high-quality cosmetic products, with favorable results for this type of acne.

If you opt for a natural treatment, jojoba oil has the property of reducing inflammation and regulating the fat of the skin. It is ideal for this kind of acne.

The Le Pommiere brand has ideal products for this type of acne. Try it and you will appreciate noticeable changes in your skin.

You already know, the solution is in your hands. Follow these tips and say goodbye to acne.

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